Who we are

The little story of our company

Attempt Digital is the combined vision of a group of expert scientists, united under the business initiative of economist Ermioni Katsouta.

Just a month ago, in Thessaloniki, a group of young people, each a specialist in his own sector with long experience in Greece and abroad, united under the business vision of economist Ermioni Katsouta and with the help of an OAED subsidy program founded a company. We aim to provide high quality services in the fields of finance and information technology.

The legal status of the company is a sole proprietorship, subsidized by a financing program of OAED but under this small corporate form is hidden the vision of people with great know-how, experience and appetite for quality work.

Our Vision

The vision of our entire team is to solve business problems related to the economy and technology and help them grow and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Our Weapons


Outstanding Support

In our company the phone is not answered by a distant unknown voice. We stand by our customers with a real physical presence throughout their journey to digital success.

Awesome Team

Outstanding Quality

We do not like copy-paste fast-jobs. We deliver complete projects, safe and of essential quality that can really achieve the business goals of a company.

Faster Performance

Outstanding Response Times

Our response is immediate. Time is an important factor in the quality of our services. We know that the customer's need is right now and we respond accordingly.